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Make a Difference

Our clients use their talents to make a positive impact on their communities, families, and industries. They are passionate about helping and empowering others, and want to grow their impact as well as their mission. We build businesses based in kindness, radical generosity, self acceptance, and abundance.

Make the Bacon

Financial growth opens up OPTIONS and freedom to build the life of your dreams. Business and personal financial goals are tackled and strategized in our programs and our clients have paid off debt, doubled + tripled their income, and created freedom and security for themselves within months of starting our programs. 

Make the Rules

There is no better freedom than being your own boss. We focus on leadership, building teams, streamlining, and scaling so that you can keep making that money while also ENJOYING your life, traveling the world (if you want), and hanging with the people you love. YOU get to make the rules of how your life and business run. 

Dangerous Creatives Mastermind

Our programs encourage community, accountability, positive impact, and connection. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, and growth in community is vital to finding joy in the process. We believe in creating inspiring spaces for people to grow. More info on this year long program here.

Danger School Online Course

Our framework walks photographers and creatives through both long term and short term growth goals for their business and lifestyle. We watch bank accounts and calendars transform in a way that promotes health and growth for the WHOLE person. More Info Here!

Strategies that Book

This time last year I was looking at a pretty empty calendar that had me so defeated - the focus on shifting my mindset and developing inquiry techniques in Danger School really turned my whole inquiry process around. I’m currently looking at a nearly full calendar for 2020 and I already have 3 weddings booked for 2021 - it’s an amazing feeling! -Leslie Rodriquez

Community Options

Coaching is a super personal thing, and depending on how long you've been in business, you might have different needs! Danger School is recommended for any level of business that is hitting a personal or financial plateau. If you're not growing or feel stuck, Danger School is for you! Upgrade to Danger School PLUS for a more personal experience with group coaching. The Mastermind is recommended for businesses who are bringing in consistent revenue and looking to expand to scalable offers. The Mastermind Extension is recommended for educators who are running programs, masterminds, or education of their own and want support from like-minded creative educators.

Danger School


5 Monthly Payments

23 Pre-Recorded Lessons

4 Months of Facebook Group Access

One group Zoom call to ask questions midway through the course.

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Danger School PLUS


5 monthly payments or one payment of $2500

23 Pre-Recorded Lessons

10 Group Coaching Calls

Unlimited Facebook Group Access

Guest Coaches from Mastermind

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Dangerous Mastermind


12 Monthly Payments or $10,000

Weekly Zoom Coaching Call

2 Meet Ups or Retreats

6 One-on-One Coaching Calls 

Mastermind Membership Site

Monthly Syllabus and Assignments

Unlimited Facebook Group Access

Unlimited Voxer Access

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Mastermind Extension


12 Monthly Payments or $20,000

Weekly Large Group Zoom Call

4 Meet Ups or Retreats

24 One-on One 1 hr Coaching Calls

Mastermind Membership Site

Monthly Syllabus and Assignments

Unlimited Facebook Group Access

Unlimited Voxer Access

Monthly Small Group Zoom Call

Direct Voxer Thread and Specific Business and Financial Game Plan

Exclusive Interview on The Porch Cast

Kristin's Rolodex and One-on-One Call with Expert of Your Choice


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