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Make the Bacon- Selling Albums!

Stop leaving 10-30k of cold hard profits on the table!

If you're a photographer, you probably know that your photography service is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to running a sustainable business. There are so many other pieces that play in to a profitable and successful photography business, and one of the main ones is PRODUCT SALES. But that can feel so overwhelming. Pricing, in-person sales sessions, samples.. HOW DOES ANYONE HAVE TIME FOR THAT?

10 years of running a photography business, and one of the bigger portions of my income come from ALBUMS. I will preach this until the end of time, but albums are 1. an amazing way to serve your client better 2. make your work look like MAGIC and 3. can be a significant portion of your income! 

We've made it easy for you. In this short mini course, you'll get: 

1. The why and how to talk about albums in a way that isn't cheesy or salesy

2. Three strategies to sell albums consistently 

3. How to develop your own album strategy based on your goals 

4. Our questionnaires that we send to our wedding clients to make the process seamless

5. Our In-Design templates for album designs, so you can drag and drop your images in easy-peasy

6. The EXACT emails you should send to make all this happen. Like, you can literally copy and paste them. 


This is potentially 10k, 20k, 30k of cold hard cash that you're leaving on the table, and you're gonna wanna change that! Plus, your clients will be SO happy to have their memories preserved beautifully forever. Win Win. ;)